The twelve words of “rich and strong, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, legal system, patriotism, dedication, integrity, and friendliness” highly summarize the core values ​​of socialism. As teenagers in the new century, each of us should start from ourselves, carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, and improve our moral cultivation. The first sentence of the “Three Character Classics” begins with the following: “The beginning of man, the nature is good.” Visible, the importance of “friendship.” If we all be a friendly person in life, society will be more harmonious.

A philosopher said: “Friendship is the biggest secret in morality.” I recently read the article “Heart to Heart”, which tells the author to accompany the sick mother to the hospital for infusion, an intern nurse to give the mother a needle, and tied several times. Unsuccessful, the author was about to get angry, but the mother comfortably comforted the intern nurse, encouraged her to come again, and then succeeded. The author’s mother treats others with kindness and tolerance and makes the internship nurse successful.

Not only that, but we are also “friendly” in our lives. I remember once, our family took a bus through a street, where a long queue was waiting for traffic lights. The green light was on, and the front car was slow to move forward. Many drivers pressed the horn with impatience. It turned out that it was a grandfather with a leg and foot inconvenience, holding a four-legged cane and slowly moving on the zebra crossing. I saw that the car in front of the car was down, and he picked up the grandfather and ran across the road, then turned back to give the grandfather a cane. At this time, the harsh horns disappeared, everyone was moved by the friendly heart of the young man, and they were waiting quietly… Maybe many people are constantly thinking about it, why didn’t they go to help the grandfather? Why do you always keep horns?

Friendly is a kind of cultivation and a quality. Friendly, when you are accidentally touched by your classmates, it doesn’t matter if you say it; friendly, when the restaurant waiter accidentally spills the juice on the clothes, you say nothing! Friendly, just to the people around you, a sincere thank you , a sweet smile…

Let our young people develop good morality from a young age and be a friendly person! Our society is bound to be full of love and harmony!

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