The teacher, like a hard gardener, taught us our knowledge and taught us to be grateful. Without the sun, there is no nature; without a teacher, there is no flower of our motherland.

Every night, we entered the dream, and the teacher also corrected the homework under the lamp. Every morning, we are still playing, the teacher is preparing lessons, and preparing to give us a new lesson. And every time we are noisy in the classroom, the teacher always tells us the value of life with a gentle voice.

I read the book “Grateful Heart” and let me understand what is the most important thing. Learn to be grateful, don’t forget to be guilty; learn to be grateful, have the virtue of modesty; learn to be grateful, embrace the fear of awe; learn to be grateful, love more hate in life; learn to be grateful, know that life needs repentance; learn to be grateful, don’t indulge in wealth and power Learn to be grateful and never forget to say “thank you.” When someone gives you a big smile, please remember to return a smile.

The ancients cloud: the grace of dripping water, when the spring is reported. The teacher taught us a lot of knowledge, a lot of truth. But the teacher may not need these materials bought with money. In fact, we all ignore the best gift–that is the result. The teacher teaches us knowledge, that is, we hope that we can make a difference. Gratefulness does not necessarily require a gift, and a concern is also grateful. Whenever I hear my students study hard, read books seriously, and hear Lang Lang’s reading on campus, the teacher will feel happy and proud of himself. This is also a kind of gratitude. And I am immersed in the ocean of books every day, and enjoy the happiness that the book brings to me. I like this book, it brings me happiness! I prefer the “Grateful Heart” with sign language. Every time I hear this song, my heart is deeply touched. Love does not sing songs and sign language singing, deeply and profoundly understand the lyrics expressed in the society, the perception of life, grateful!

The campus is equivalent to our home, the teacher is our family, and the classmates are our brothers and sisters. I thank the teacher for teaching me knowledge and thank my classmates for reading and playing with me. Again, I am also grateful to God, let me come here, thank you for your fate, and let me have teachers and classmates. Thanks to the campus for giving me a beautiful and comfortable learning environment!

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