I am a fifth-grade elementary school student. I spent more than 20 days in the summer vacation to read Liang Zhongshi’s long masterpiece “White Deer”.

At my current level, I don’t know much about the many events and opinions in the book, but one thing I read is that it is “good” and “evil.”

The book “White Deer”, which is based on the large village of Bailuyuan, Shaanxi, describes the history of more than half a century.

A long book reveals a point of view: to be a person of integrity and kindness, sometimes encounters a lot of ups and downs, sometimes even life-threatening, but he always gets through the storm and straightens his waist. Rod, candid, in the middle of the night, not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door to live, to be a ghostly person, he can also live comfortably, he can also overcome some difficulties, but his heart is always trembling, every One step, he has to look backwards, is there a ghost to beat his head.

Bai Jiaxuan in the book, he is the representative of the good, in his years as a patriarch, he always held a sword of justice, that is, his son violated the family rules, he also raised the righteous whip to his son, in the famine In the age of the village, he risked his life to borrow food from the bandits…

From beginning to end, he is a big tree in the heart of Bailuyuan villagers. As the text of Lu Zhaopeng in the text, every time I go home, as long as I can see him in the village, I feel that the big tree in my heart has not fallen. The villagers are safe.

In the article, Lu Zilin, he is the representative of the evil. In the years he was in the country, he was greedy for money, gluttony, insulting women, and blaming others…

However, he finally lost his memory and went to an ignorant world. This is the best destination for Teacher Liang to choose. If he does not lose his memory, how will he face the original father?

Look at some of the things in our lives, and there is such a cause and effect. One day, my mother and I walked on the street. When a 110 police car passed by, the young men in the two suits in front of us suddenly took off. The suit, running like crazy, ran wild, the police uncle felt bad, chased up, grabbed the two people, after investigation, it was really a fugitive on the Internet for many years, in fact, 110 police is just a normal patrol, the two fugitives are guilty.

There is a grandmother in our community. She is very enthusiastic. If someone has something to ask for her help, she will not refuse. On one occasion, Grandma’s son had a very serious car accident and urgently needed a lot of money for surgery. Otherwise, there was danger to his life, and the driver escaped. The people in the community heard about it and hosted a fundraiser. Help Wang Grandma.

Let us be a person of integrity and kindness. He will make him strong and true. He let him cross, and the evil is reported.

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