When we walk in the warm sunshine, there will be shadows behind us. When these dark or light gray shadows overlap, it seems as if they tell each other their master’s secrets. Looking at these shadows that seem to speak, we don’t know. But in Mark Levi’s pen, it has become a good medium for a boy to have the ability to “sneak a shadow” so that he can hear the voices of others and know the secrets of others. Therefore, the boy is constantly solving troubles for others, and gradually solves his troubles in the process.

Wonderful family

The protagonist has an unfortunate life experience and is often bullied by his classmates at school. He hates this childhood and hates himself. In his heart, childhood is terrible and dangerous. Therefore, he loves his parents very much. When he grew up, he went to be a doctor. During the internship, his mother suddenly left. This is tantamount to inserting a sharp edge into his heart. The purpose of the protagonist to study medicine is to take care of all the mother’s illness, but did not find that the mother is sick. So, be more companionship. I think of my parents’ care and care for me, and I really want to do something to reward them, even if it is a small little thing.

The same is true of the protagonist. He hopes that he can relieve the pain for his mother after he studies medicine, but he lacks the most important companion in the process. There is a saying that “Companion is the most long-lasting confession.” Sometimes, we want to be independent and try to do something for our parents, but the result becomes “children want to raise and not to wait.” You should start with a small thing, pay back a little, and don’t let yourself regret it.

No regrets friendship

In the protagonist’s life, there is a very influential person, his friend Luc. When he was lost, Luc was willing to listen; when he was alone, Luc was with him. Although Luke was not good at words, he gave the hero a great comfort. Luc wants to study medicine, but his father wants him to inherit the bakery at home.

In order to realize the dream of a good friend, the protagonist is constantly trying to persuade Luc’s father and let Luce come to the hospital where he works. But in the end, Luc returned to the bakery, and Luc felt that he could feel real happiness when he was making bread.

But in the process of being a doctor, Luc also completed his dream. In our lifetime, we are all moving forward, constantly chasing what we want. But when we have it, we don’t have the kind of happiness and yearning that we used to chase, just like Luc.

Moreover, there is no distinction between high and low occupations. Everyone has their own positions in their respective positions and gets happiness and happiness from them. It’s like we can eat delicious bread because of the existence of the baker, and it is because of the doctor’s existence that I am sick.

Pure love

The protagonist once married a deaf girl at the seaside. He is a kind-hearted child, so he doesn’t look at this deaf girl called Klein like everyone else. Although they were separated, the protagonist never forgot, and was always searching. Finally, he found her.

The real and enthusiastic thoughts in the heart of the protagonist drove him to move in the right direction. There will be a lot of motivation for us to grow, but what really drives us all the way to the end is the original purest thought in my heart.

When the shadows overlap, I know your secrets. The protagonist makes the shadows overlap, thus knowing the secrets of others, then helping others, giving them a glimmer of light, and they themselves are constantly growing and learning, and finally get happiness.

Everyone has a flower of dreams in their hearts, but many people let them die in the torrent of time. Only a strong inner person will care for it and carry it with the years. He is a boy walking with the shadows, he is an angel who helps others.

Therefore, happiness does not abandon him. What about my shadow? Will it also remember that you can’t forget “Little Claire”? Will it also witness the touch of those years in my years? Will it also tell my secrets to others?

Perhaps, when the light gray shadows overlap, they will tell each other the secrets of the master.

And we, but we don’t know.

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