The golden golden wheat field and the farmer wearing the brawler are all beautiful like fairy tales. There is a slight tremor in the heart. This is my initial feeling, so I began to immerse myself in Liu Liangcheng’s “One Man’s Village”. in. There are dogs inside, horses, oh, they are so cute in Liu Liangcheng’s pen, so spiritual.

One of the things that impressed me the most was “The Dog’s Life.” The dog’s life is not long, only for more than ten years, but it is not easy for a dog to live to the old. When the dog is young, he will be skinned and stewed when he is a little sloppy. When he is old, no one cares about its sick body. The skin of hair removal, like an old man who has experienced vicissitudes, gives himself time and life. .

I remember when I lived in my grandmother’s house in the countryside, I had an all-white bitch. Since I remembered it, my eyelashes are white. I have a group of puppies. Every time I see it lying on the doorstep, I breastfeed myself. The children can make me feel the greatness of my mother. I used to be so protected and grow up. I want to do something for my mother and fill my grateful heart. Every night, the puppies see strangers, it’s just an old dog who squats by the door, on the night of the shit, but it must be a loyal dog. It never left its position and did not forget the duties. Later, I returned to it again. It was gone, some lost. Grandma said that its life was only so long. At that time, I was still a lot more comfortable. At least when I was young, I was so mighty. I was old and had my own group of children. This is a good job in this life. This is the latter part of the dog I have seen before.

But not all dogs can be so lucky.

When the dog is young, it is a guard and it is the door. The coming person is not looking for a dog, but he has to compete with the dog first. When the owner hears the dog barking, he will open the door. If he wants to see someone, he will open it. If he does not want to see it, he will pretend to be inaudible. If he does not see the noble person, the owner will run away. Come out, send away the dog, and swear, “The dog’s eyes are smashed.” The dog will sneak away without interest, and will take a slower step. In fact, this is also the reason why many people raise dogs, avoiding the embarrassment of not wanting to see but difficult to open. In my impression, some dogs, just knowing the meaning of its existence, have entered the human stomach because they are too loyal.

That year, as my parents came to the place where they worked, they brought a local dog from their hometown and went home from school every week. It rushed to me and jumped up to me. It was an excitement. Ah, I can’t keep going, although some of them dislike its saliva, but my heart is still warm. Unexpectedly, in an afternoon, it disappeared. My mother told me that in the afternoon, a yellow van came. The puppy called a few times and was taken away by a sack. She didn’t catch up. It seems that people are early. It is prepared to sell dog meat. In an instant, I was very angry. I slammed it on the ground. I didn’t greet me to go home afterwards. Now I miss the days when I miss it. This is the first half of the unfortunate dog I have seen.

Looking at the book, I thought of my two partners who are so similar to the book. They don’t forget their own duties, their initial heart, their death, and even their lives. They are always so simple, so happy, and they don’t stop as long as they have energy. They are simply happy, we become old in the world, and in the hustle and bustle of the city, we can express our emotions as easily as they do, and keep our original heart in obstinacy.

The reading of a book can always satisfy my heart and I am grateful to Liu Liangcheng’s “One Man’s Village”.

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