Recently, I read a book about the “Animal Fiction” King Shen Shixi, “The Fox of the Trade”. This story is very humorous and short, seemingly simple, but it contains a deep truth.

In the story, the protagonist “I” caught a small fox by the flower bed and put him under house arrest. In the middle of the night, a black-eared mother fox came to feed the little fox. He saw that the cage that imprisoned it was very hard. He couldn’t bite it, and his eyes turned, and he slid away. On the second, third, and fourth days, the black-eared female fox brought three fat pheasants and placed them in front of the cage. Oh, the animal is also very smart, knowing to use the pheasant to change her little baby. It is reasonable to say that the market price of the three pheasants should exceed that of the little fox. I have accepted these “property” and I have to put a little fox. But I thought about it. If the hostage is released, the mother fox will take the pheasant to “respect” me. If I keep a small fox, I will receive a pheasant every day. After one year, I am a rich man! I know, the next day, I not only did not receive the pheasant, but also found a skunk dead mouse in front of the door, and found one in the house. I was thinking about who did it. When I looked up, I saw the black-eared female fox yelling at me, as if to say, “I clearly accept the things but not the hostages. You don’t talk about integrity, greed, and more than ‘animals’. Damn!” “I” couldn’t help, so I had to put a little fox.

After reading the story, I was deeply touched: integrity, the intention is honest, words and trust. In a certain degree, honesty is also innocent and does not take erroneous wealth. Confucius once said: “People don’t believe, they don’t know what they can.” Honesty has always been the most important virtue of our Chinese nation, and it is a responsibility that every citizen needs to practice in the “social core values” proposed by the government. . In this article, the animal “has no feelings, low IQ” knows the trade of good faith, and the protagonist “I” as a “higher animal” is so insatiable, relying on the hostage to extract wealth and take animals. When the cornucopia is really abominable. A person who loses to the animal for the sake of money and integrity will abandon him.

But on the contrary, there are many trustworthy people in life. Once, I finished half an English class and suddenly remembered that I had not eaten breakfast. I just had to buy breakfast with a girl in the English class. I entrusted her to bring me two buns, and she agreed. After a few minutes, the unexpected rain suddenly came, and the girl who helped me buy breakfast did not bring an umbrella. I was worried: she should wait until the rain stopped. When will it come back? At this time, I heard the footsteps coming to me “all through”. It was the girl, she ran back! I looked at her in the soup, and said with a distressed heart: “Why don’t you wait until the rain stops and come back?” She smiled: “Nothing, thinking that you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, you are jealous.” The rain didn’t run back.” I took the breakfast with joy, and there was a warmth in my heart. She looked at me happy and smiled sweetly. Perhaps this is the unique happiness that integrity brings us.

As the saying goes, “integrity is gold”, but I think the value of honesty is unmatched by gold. Losing integrity is like losing the key to gaining the trust of others, then you will be unable to move. We are the flowers of the motherland, the hope of the future, and the practice of integrity, is one of our necessary responsibilities. I firmly believe that as long as we are able to “speak and do it, be practical, and do things,” the world will become even better.

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