During the summer vacation, I read “Hero China” and I was deeply touched. Taste the beautiful words, reminiscent of a tumultuous military song that has been continually raging in the turbulent years of war, and looking forward to a beautiful life in the future, I suddenly understand:

We Chinese people have always had the temperament: Yue Fei, who is loyal to the country, and Wen Tianxiang, who has taken the heart of the heart, and the unyielding Liu Hulan; the brave and brave Wang Erxiao… Which one is not the courage of the Megatron Chinese! Which one does not reflect the spiritual qualities of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. I also saw from the TV that the battles of artillery and fire, and the smoke of the smoke, are often filled with blood, sweating, and struggling. In the Wanshan Cong, in the Qingsi account, our enemy’s anti-Japanese guerrilla athletes everywhere are heroes; the Yanling team, the enemy’s rear martial arts team, the railway guerrillas, the tunnel war, the mine war, the sparrow war… so that the arrogant Japanese invaders fall into The vast ocean of the enemy’s people’s war, the heroic China’s thorns and thorns, won a brilliant victory. I also got a lot of inspiration from it. I decided to study hard, be a serious person, and be a person who is useful to society and the country.

Let me take it for granted. I have the privilege of catching up with the Huimin policy of exempting nine years of compulsory education. Reduced the financial burden for my parents. In particular, our “new citizens” enjoy the same treatment as the locals, and some even have preferential treatments. They really don’t even dream of dreaming. Why don’t we call us a tide?

Indeed, the motherland is so powerful and the people are so happy. What about the future? I can’t help but ask myself. Yes, the future of the motherland depends on us to fight, to operate, to defend, to guard. Yes, from now on, we must start from ourselves, start from small things, strive for self-improvement, keep making progress, develop good habits and study habits, establish a correct outlook on life and socialist concept of honor and disgrace, and carry forward the national spirit. To be a moral person, this is also the ardent expectation of the party and the country for our generation. Classmates, let us join hands to fight for a moral person. At home, we must respect the elders, filial parents, help our parents to do what they can; in school, respect teachers, unite classmates, obey the school discipline, listen carefully, do not know, ask, care for public property and the environment; on the bus, Take the initiative to give old, weak, sick, and disabled seats; in public places, you can do not swear, do not litter the skin, actively create a harmonious environment, do not smash red lights, do not steal the road, obey the traffic rules… These seem simple, It can be easy to do it. Classmates, let us persist, persist, and persist, because a beautiful tomorrow must belong to someone who has perseverance and action. As the saying goes: Morality is the stone, knocking out the fire of hope; morality is the fire, igniting the lamp of hope; morality is the lamp, illuminating the road of life; morality is the road, guiding people to brilliant. It can be said that morality not only measures the quality of a person’s cultivation, but also measures the scale of a nation in the world.

For the sake of a strong China, for the heroic China, for the unyielding nation to stand in the world’s national forest, let us start from now, work hard, the flowers of the motherland, let us all strive to be a little hero!

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