When I was a child, my mom and dad often took me to play. Whenever I saw the animals in the cages, especially when I saw some staff members holding electric whip to direct the animals to perform in an honest manner, such as monkey riding a bicycle, lion rolling ball, elephant Massage, etc., I applaud the wonderful performances of those animals, but also envy those who can direct the animals to obey. Since then, my impression is that animals are animals. What humans want to do for them, they have no thoughts and feelings. We want to do anything about them.

This view changed after I read the book “The Angry Elephants” of the animal novel King Shen Shixi. The story tells of a young man named Yan Wenbian who mourned his heart and killed a strong big elephant, unplugged his ivory, and buried it. However, this has caused the anger of the elephants. If it wasn’t for Bonon Ding to say that the rock was flat and covered with blood and sneaking, it might be that the village had long been stepped into a flat land like a hoof, and the blood flowed into a river, which was terrible. Yan Wenping, who had a bad mindset, was eventually sanctioned – by the hoof, lying next to the big elephant.

After reading this story, I know that animals also have feelings, and they know how to avenge their enemies, and they are similar to ours. If you are good to them, they will not hurt you; if you hurt them, the animals will resist, and they will not be polite to you. Just like the story of the alcoholic rock Wenbian who lost his humanity because of the greed of money, shot and killed the young male elephant, took the ivory and said that he wanted to bury his body to escape, so he angered the gentle elephants and got the Heavy retaliation, lost his life. If he does not do this at the time, if he is not greedy for money and has love, he will not have such a result. It is really worth the loss! It is shameless for such people to kill elephants and seize ivory for their own benefit! Elephants are animals on earth and a part of the earth. We should love them, protect them, and live in peace with them.

In fact, Shen Shixi wrote this book not only to let us appreciate the article, but also to protect animals and live in harmony with animals! There is a leafy, lush tree in front of my house. There are a few delicate birds on the tree. The birds are very cute every day. One day, after the storm, a small bird fell under the tree, and the mother just passed, took it back and gave it to me. I really like this little bird and take good care of the little bird. But I found that it was not happy to live, until one day, I heard the bird sorrowful at the big tree, only to understand that it was not happy to live in me. So I finally let the bird go and let it go back to the tree.

In life, the same is true. Whenever I go back to my hometown, especially when I go through a wild street, I see that there are slaughtered sheep, killing chickens, and slaughtering rabbits on the roadside. The whole street is full of bloody smell. I seem to have heard the mourning of animals. Seeing the innocent eyes of animals, I think these animals are very poor; whenever I see those who earn money by killing animals, I feel vomiting and feel sick. Animals are also alive, they also have dignity, and they are as worthy of being respected as we are.

Only when we are kind to others will others be kind to you. Think about the human beings nowadays, because they arbitrarily discharge waste water, waste gas, slash trees, and kill wild animals. Many animals have been extinct because of our humanity, and the ecological balance has been destroyed. Therefore, nature has also retaliated against human beings and suffers every year. Floods are droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis… Isn’t this a serious warning from nature?

The book “Anger of Elephants” lets us ponder and let everyone reflect.

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