In life, there is always a period of nostalgia, and in this time, you will meet different people and things. Now do you remember the classmates and friends who have walked with them on their shoulders, and the dreams and vows that were originally said, may have disappeared into memory and disappeared.

In “The Youth That Will Disappear”, he said that an ordinary girl meets two girls at school, makes friends, promises to go to the same school, and finally disperses the story.

The three of them seem to be lucky in my eyes. Unfamiliar personality can form a good friend and move forward with the same dream. Why not cherish this? But gradually, I just stopped in joy and enjoyed the happiness of every day. Slowly forget that time is passing fast, one second, one minute, one time, one day… no concern.

Maybe you haven’t learned to cherish it, and now you have forgotten what it means to cherish. I lost too much. He always looked like a thief. He always stole when I was inadvertently. When I didn’t have time to react, I slipped away silently…

Friendship is a matter of tempering, just like an ordinary stone is constantly honed, constantly beaten, and finally found out that it is a diamond. And the friendship between them is just like this stone. “Friendship.” He is not a thing, nor a tool. He is just a kind of feeling that can’t be described in words. He is very special and can bring joy, anger and sadness to them, including myself.

“In the future, we will test the same school together, come on!” The seemingly simple words contain a common dream of three people. Dreams are not children’s play, not even play. He stands like a street sign in front of the road, and like a compass to mark the direction of the road for himself. It is also the direction and power of his own direction. The road ahead of losing direction is just lost, losing power, then the next road, how to continue going on. ?

There are many kinds of dreams, so I try to be fresh and try hard. Later, I found out that it is not suitable or I don’t want to continue. So what is the difference between playing with “playing”?

“Youth is like a flower, and some flowers are dying.” Life is also true. Flowers blossom and sound, and life is the process of flowering and falling. It is because of this process that life makes sense. Like a flower, a flower is like a dream. You should fight hard with your dreams and let your dreams come out with different flowers.

“She once told me: ‘Youth is like a feast of the city, the makeup is put on the stage, and the luxury is low-key.” And I said: ‘If you can let me come quietly, there is no regret in the whole. ”Ordinary words can only be ordinary, ordinary stories are only ordinary, the same glyphs are the same.

There is no unique thing in the world. As long as you think that youth is wonderful, he must be wonderful.

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