“We still have moms and dads, we still have each other.” This sentence is said in the “Little Women” Beth, yes, no matter where we are, we have the company of our loved ones. Beth and his sisters lived during the American Civil War. Their father went to fight for the country. The family relied only on their kind mothers. The family changed from the former rich to the present simple and poor. The four sisters grew up. Princess-like life becomes a girl who should work for herself. Their mother, Mrs. March, is only constantly encouraging them, giving them warm embrace and incomparable care, and the teachings of that, Mrs. March cares for them as a mother, and is strict with her father. Ask them. However, isn’t our mother like this?

When we came to this colorful world and let go of our throats, our mother was still stitched by the doctor in the delivery room, but she had no regrets. How many times my mother was bitten by us when we started growing our teeth, but she was still full of joy because we entered the stage of growth…

In my memory, my mother is always on the go, always afraid that I will be hurt, always worried about me. Every time I sent me to school, she always hid in the corner, silently watching me enter the campus door before turning back. Every time we suffered some minor injuries or injuries, the mother always blamed me for “small problems”. I didn’t know that my mother was still hurting us. Every time I made a mistake, it was my mother who beat me. I blamed my mother, but I don’t know that she is more distressed…

I remember that when I first started learning to ride a bicycle, I always had a few friends to play around. My mother always kept on me when I went out. Every time after dinner, our mom and dad and the neighbors sat on the bridge outside the door. I was riding a bicycle. I just learned that I can only use speed to maintain balance. Once I turn to the corner, I always control. No, the body is always swaying. It looks like it’s going to be normal. My mother immediately called me to be careful, but I didn’t hold it. The man and the car fell to the ground after a loud noise. Mom immediately ran over and lifted me up. I blamed my father for buying a bicycle for me. While scolding me, I kept looking at whether I was injured. Dad put the bicycle on the side and said quietly: “There is a guardrail, or it will be broken.” Mom asked me to sit down and said that I would throw the bicycle. I must throw the bicycle. The crying is even louder. My mother hurriedly asked me if I was injured. I was actually not injured, but I could not bear the bicycle. But I didn’t say it at the time, my mother looked at me in a hurry, and when I didn’t cry, I was already sleeping in bed. I immediately ran downstairs to see if my bicycle was still there. I was very happy when I saw the bicycle, but it was locked firmly. I was “splashed with cold water”. I began to blame my mother. She said a word, and my mother is still good to me as always.

Later, my sister told me that my mother carefully examined my body over and over again, fearing that I was injured. Dear mother, I said that you have neglected my goodness, leaving only your blame and embarrassment to me. I always think that you are not good enough for me, but you have exhausted all your strength to love me.

Mom, I love you! You make me have happy and beautiful memories, you let me have a warm embrace, you are a good mother in the world!

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