“The human heart is very big, letting everything we like.” Because I like this sentence very much, I opened this book with an orange cover – “My Dear Sweet Orange Tree”, started Listen to the five-year-old black boy, Ozawa, telling his story.

This is a gentle and heartbreaking story!

Zeze was born into a poor black family. Because he is naughty, his head always carries strange ideas, and his family doesn’t like her, calling him “the little devil born in Christmas.” On weekdays, he was always hated and misunderstood by his family because of “prank” and became his usual routine. However, Zeze can always keep a bright smile after talking to his good friend, a sweet orange tree. How pure is the small Zeze! Again and again, the heartbreaking grief is exchanged for his pride and strength!

I can’t help but think of what my mother often said to me: “As long as there is a rainbow in your heart, life is beautiful!” Yes, there will always be many disappointments in life, just like when we get along with classmates at school, there will always be When it was misunderstood. If at this time, we blame and cry, then we will lose our confidence and even lose the confidence of life! What a terrible thing! Only by maintaining an optimistic attitude can we have a good mood every day like Zeze to see the beauty of the world!

This is still a gentle and brave story!

Because of Dad’s unemployment, the life of Zeze’s family has become more and more difficult. Difficult to have to move, my sisters have to drop out of school to work; difficult to Christmas without gifts, Christmas dinner only fried bread with a little red wine accompanied by more sadness.

As the saying goes, the children of the poor are headed home. Zeze-year-old loved his family, to see my mother’s hard work, he was distressed; see my father’s sad, upset him; saw my brother being bullied, he come forward, but because of the small force of single people and beating. He was only five years old, but he became the patron of his brother. What a brave little Zeze! In the face of the hardships of life, he is still optimistic, cheerful, full of illusions, and can bravely use his tender shoulders to provoke the burden of worrying for his family.

When I read that Zeze was on the second day of Christmas Eve to make up for the mistake that I was too eager to have a Christmas present, I decided to go to the streets with my shoebox and use my one-dollar dime to earn my father. When I bought a Christmas present—a pack of cigarettes, I couldn’t help but feel sour.

Which child does not like the festival? Which child does not want to get a gift during the holiday? In my impression, every birthday, Mom and Dad, in order to give me an unexpected surprise, always dig into my mind to prepare a variety of gifts for me! Especially during the New Year, the gifts from relatives and friends are really “stacked”! Whenever this happens, I will sing and dance like a happy bird, holding my own gift! Therefore, it is conceivable that when Ozawa, who is looking forward to the surprise, ran out of the door with hope, but how disappointed he was when he saw the empty shoes, how sad! Disappointing Xiaozeze will complain loudly and what is wrong? After all, he is only a five-year-old child. His father will understand. However, Zeze read great sadness from his father’s eyes. He immediately realized his mistake and tried his best to make up for his “harm” to his father.

How sensible Xiao Zeze! Although life is very poor, although his family said that he was a “little devil” born in Christmas, although his hopes were repeatedly ruthlessly broken by poverty, his heart always has his favorite family, always knowing. For their sake, they can understand their difficulties!

In fact, the “little devil” lives in the heart of a kind, brave angel!

Thinking of this, I am ashamed of my unreasonable troubles on weekdays! Mom and Dad are so busy at work, so hard, but I don’t understand at all, and always complain that they can’t accompany me! Look at the neat and beautiful clothes on your body, look at the various toys in the room, and the cabinets are full of dazzling Snacks······Which is not soaked in the love of Mom and Dad for me? In fact, there is no “devil” in the eyes of father and mother, only “angels”! They care for me all the time, but I can’t see their full love because of their willfulness! I want to look at my father’s neck like Ze Ze, and say to them loudly: “Mother and Dad, sorry, please forgive me forever!”

The five-year-old Ozawa is the embodiment of an angel! He warmed my heart with my own story. Close your eyes, I seem to see the thin little Zeze, wearing a patched but neat clothes, bare feet, smiled and came to me and told me: “The heart is big, put Get everything we like.”

Ozawa, thank you for inserting the angel wings for me!

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