There have been clouds since ancient times: “The long drought is raining, the hometown is known, the caves are in the night, and when the gold list is titled, this is the four joys of life.” These are undoubtedly precious and rare happiness in life. Most people understand happiness.

But is happiness really only this? Dongpo lays have different views: “Qingxi shallow water boat; light rain bamboo window night talk; summer to Linxi foot; after the rain, go up to see the mountain; Liuyin embankment leisure; flower dock before the smile; The temple smells the bell; the moon is next to the east; the morning is half-muscle; the afternoon is tired of a rattan pillow; the opening does not meet Tao Xie; the pick-up does not have a dress crown; the famous flower is in full bloom; the flies come to the poem to talk to themselves; Spring cooking tea; Fu Qin listener’s companion. “Simple and easy to get, this is his unique insight into happiness.

So, in your eyes, what is happiness?

Let’s first take a look at Sheng Xinyi, the protagonist in The Stumbled Happiness. In her eyes, happiness is also very simple. It is with my friends, that is, the mother’s meticulous care, that is, the laughter of the students, that is the teacher’s concern. Love… The most important thing for her is happiness. How impeccable as a sunny life! However, a sudden disaster like a storm usually falls from the sky. It is such a sign that it is unprepared.

Suddenly I learned that my mother was terminally ill. Overnight, Xinyi’s life was suddenly shrouded in gloom and turned upside down: in the school, Xinyi’s Xinyi missed her mother all the time, and was misunderstood and mocked by teachers and classmates. No longer is that warm haven, the original understanding of the mother has become so loud that she feels that her mother no longer loves herself! Xinyi was out of breath under the double pressure and was in a trepidation. In an instant, the ubiquitous happiness has become unreachable…

Fortunately, Xinyi’s life at the bottom of the valley was on the eve of her mother’s eternal departure, and once again ushered in a turning point – she accidentally saw her mother’s diary on the computer. Mother is harsh and harsh on her all, it is because of her concern! At this point, Xin Yi suddenly realized: Originally, happiness has always been around, stumbling to accompany her, never staying away, never abandoned her and went…

So what about us? Happiness is at your fingertips: the clothes come to reach out, the rice comes to mouth, and the parents cook everything for us. But many of my classmates are “born in the blessings and do not know how to be blessed” – others care for you, but you don’t know it; the family has done a good job for you, but you don’t care… Anyone can be like Xinyi So every day, do all the housework done meticulously, and still maintain a good learning state? In contrast, it’s really self-defeating!

“I long for love, but I don’t understand love.

I pursue happiness, but I cannot touch happiness.

When unfortunately, as the storm suddenly comes

My heart sheds tears every night

When I found my mother’s deep love

I really understand

Original happiness

To understand in stumbling”

After reading this really fascinating little poem in the text, I can’t stop crying again. Xinyi finally understood the true meaning of happiness, but her mother is no longer there. When you lose, you know how to cherish it. The price paid for this understanding is too great! Xinyi’s story woke me up, and happiness is actually in the seemingly ordinary little things, just around us. Then don’t wait until the time of loss, now, immediately, immediately, let us take a happy attitude, and take care of everything we have now!

Closing the book, I hurried to the mother who was washing the clothes on the balcony, hugged her back, let her face stick to her back, felt her heartbeat, and said to her affectionately: “Mom, I am so happy!”

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