Someone once said: “Human life seems to be flooding, not encountering islands and reefs, it is difficult to stir up beautiful waves.” However, when our lives encounter difficulties or dangers, what should we do?

Lu Xun said: “Even if it is difficult, it still has to be done. The harder it is, the more it will be done.” Some people say: “Difficulty – is a stupid and awkward thing. It is used to show off its power in the eyes of horror. And as long as you hear the footsteps of a healthy foot, like a mouse, quietly shrink back.” Good! The difficulty is embarrassing. A gold rusher in the United States used his footsteps to overcome the difficulties and finally reached his destination.

The gold digger is the protagonist in the book “Love Life” written by American writer Jack London. The book says: He has not eaten for many days, his stomach is hungry without consciousness, and his legs have been stoned like two. The rotten meat, the blood flow, the warmth of the body is used to wrap the legs, he still insists on going forward, when his body is extremely weak, he also encounters a sick wolf, the sick wolf tails him, foraging him The blood, and waiting for the opportunity to kill him, and he also expects to kill the sick wolf to save his life, just like this, a crawling patient, a sick wolf, dragging the dying body in the wilderness, fighting each other, Finally, the gold digger bit the wolf’s throat and, by his own will, drank a wolf like lead liquid and fell asleep. Sure enough, as the saying goes, “Good luck will not come naturally in the places where people wait, but through the winding roads and unimaginable difficulties.” At this time, the ship of an expedition team Found him and saved him, and finally he reached his destination.

Seeing this article, my feelings mixed, as if the gold digger was in front of me, watching him look awful in order to live, I am very sad. Thinking of him drinking wolf blood, he felt that he was cruel, but in turn thought that if he did not drink wolf blood, the wolf would definitely eat him, because they all want to survive. At the end of the story, all that remains in my mind is the admiration of the gold digger. If faced with hunger, he did not insist on the will; if faced with the pain of the whole body, he yielded difficulties; if faced with danger, he did not love life. Perhaps his life has long since disappeared into the wilderness. Is it not worthy of our admiration that we will never bow our heads under the difficulties and persist in the end, and never give up the spirit of life?

Around us, difficulties are everywhere. If you have problems in learning, if we don’t have the courage to challenge, we just want to listen to the teacher’s answer. Over time, we get only the thoughts and slippery results. In life, some people have a small cold, and they don’t go to school and go to work after a small abrasion. I have a classmate upstairs, and he often takes a vacation when he has a small cough. Once, his mother had something to go out and let me go with him who was sick. As a result, I found out that he only coughed one or two times and played a lot of fun. Today, I read the story of the gold digger in the book, and then think about the students upstairs. It turns out that the difference in the performance of everyone in the face of difficulties is so great!

Whether in learning or in life, we can’t avoid the difficulties. But we can’t let the difficulties, show off the power of it in front of us, we should learn the spirit of the gold digger, and use strong perseverance to defeat it. Listening to my grandmother said: China, a few decades ago, was still a poor country. At that time, there was no electricity, no gas, and it could only be illuminated by kerosene lamps. It is also the most common to wear patched clothes and pants. Many of my loved ones on the grandmother’s ancestors lost their lives because of hunger. Today, our great China can be so prosperous. I think this is inseparable from the will and determination of the Chinese people to overcome difficulties.

Before, I heard from my classmates that a good book is a spring. The thirsty person needs it. The teacher said that a good book is a piece of bread. Hungry people need it. Today, I want to say that the book “Love Life” is a spring rain. Our thoughts need it! It is to let us understand the truth that “the mountains and heavy waters have no doubts, and the flowers are dark and bright.”

Classmates, let’s overcome the difficulties together! Don’t let the difficulties of swearing show off the power.

[Part 2]

The American writer Jack London’s “Love for Life” tells a tragic story: a gold digger in the western United States was abandoned by his companions on the way back. He was alone in the vast wilderness, and the winter approached. Snow flew at him, he had no food, and his legs were hurt, his shoes were broken, his feet were bleeding. He can only squat on the wasteland covered with swamps, hills, and creeks, and it is very difficult to move forward. Just when he was very weak, he met a wolf, and he found the wolf behind him, staring at his blood trailing him. In this way, the two dying two creatures dragged the dying shells to hunt each other on the wasteland. In order to live back, the man finally won in the battle between man and wolf. He killed the wolf and drank the wolf. Blood, eventually he was saved, so that life radiates dazzling light.

What is life? No one can make it clear that people who have not experienced life and death choices are even more difficult to understand, but Jack uses his rough and unrestrained feelings to let us be there and feel the power and tenacity of life.

The protagonist of this novel has no name. It is not so much a fight against death and hunger as it is to fight against fear. There is a huge energy of life between the lines of the article. This energy allows him to live, no matter what you are facing. Even if it is to devour your wilderness, it is to eat your beast, or to be hungry and exhausted, and life is to help you overcome it.

Love life, the simple four words condense the feelings of all life, as written in the opening caption of the novel: the only thing in all things that lasts, lives and experiences pain, can achieve this step is victory, even if this Field gambling is no longer golden, life is in the process of love, because the results are already doomed, we can not grasp the moment of death, but we can still love the good of the moment!

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