Everyone has a dream, it may be ordinary, it may be great. As long as you move toward your dreams, you can make your dreams come true.

Dedicated dream catchers, in fact, there are many in our lives. I have experienced one thing myself. That evening, my parents and I went for a walk, passed a construction site, and saw a black cheek on the cheeks. The thin and thin workers were still busy and panting, and they were very puzzled. Then they went up and asked, “Why are you so hard? Do you have to work overtime in the middle of the night? Is your boss harassing you?” He looked up at me and showed a simple smile. He said, “No, no, it is my own request. I can earn more money if I work overtime. I I want my son to go to a better university.” This is a sentence that makes my heart tremble, and I feel deeply: The original peasant’s wish is not high, just want to let his son go to a better university!

I have read an article that says that a brush has cracked the “spiritual password” of 29 elderly people. In Shenyang Hongxiang Love Care Home, some elderly people have been ill for many years in bed, writing hard, and some can’t write at all. They paint with crayon and draw their own New Year wishes. Some people trembled on white paper and painted the shape of dumplings. I hope that I can eat dumplings on the first day of 2011. Some people have carefully described a big apple and hope to use their incomplete teeth to bite a few mouthfuls. This is still a simple still life, and more old people are painting people.

The 50-year-old Zhao Shuyun painted a little girl with a ponytail on the paper. She said that she most hopes that her daughter can see herself. Suddenly, she seemed to think of something. In the lower right corner of the painting, she added a steering wheel: “I have a car, I go to see the girl.” Many old people cried while painting. An old man simply painted nothing and wrote directly on the paper: “Think of a son.”

However, many wishes cannot be drawn, such as health, such as working to earn money. The wish of an old man in a hospital bed is: If you are in good health, you can go out to work early and earn money for your son.

It is quite sad that these elderly people who are eager to see their children do not want to go home because they are not willing to disturb their children’s lives. “Children are too busy and don’t want to hurt them.” Many old people know that their children are most afraid of going home with their aunts. If they want to eat, they will try their best to satisfy them. Just don’t let the old man come back. It seems that some dreams are destined to be “painting.”

These dreams are big or small, or far or near, the masters of dreams are either prominent or humble, but without exception these dreams are directed at the hearts of the people, and they are all simple and ordinary “Chinese dreams.”

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