Life is like a seven-color board, with cheerful red, warm yellow, quiet green, melancholy blue… life is like a blank piece of paper, small, I have the courage to experience every color, seriously Use them to portray my future.

I still remember the timidness of me when I was a child. I was weak and standing behind my father and mother. I often didn’t dare to do this, I was afraid to do that. I remember that once in the second grade, my mother helped me sign up for a singing contest. A few days before the game, I prepared a few songs and I was looking forward to the game.

But the truth is, when I arrived at the scene of the game, my heart shook a bit, and I couldn’t help but step back a few steps. The original excitement suddenly disappeared without a trace. Instead, I was nervous and afraid. “God, this can have hundreds of people!” Mom asked me to pick up the order. I nervously put my hand into the carton and smashed it a few times. I took out a small paper ball at the bottom and opened it. At first glance, it is actually No. 1! This time I was completely scared, and immediately hid behind my mother, holding her clothes tightly and swearing and said: “No, I don’t want the first one, I don’t want to go up.” Mom looked at me slowly. He stumbled and said: “I am not afraid, my mother believes in you, give yourself more confidence, and it is not as terrible as you think.” I still shook my head and did not speak. At this time, Dad spoke up: “Children, this is what you said to perform. If you choose, you must face it bravely. Before you have been preparing for a long time, if you hide here, these efforts will be meaningless.” ”

At this moment, the host reported my name, and I took a deep breath and walked on the stage, looking at the crowd under the black pressure, and my heart was like a little deer. Not stopping. I simply closed my eyes and kept saying to myself, “I am brave, I am not afraid.” With the music that slowly sounds, my heart gradually calms down. The more I sing, the more relaxed I am, the louder I sing. Slowly opened his eyes. After singing a song, the thunderous applause sounded from the audience. I was so excited that I took a deep sigh and then jumped off like a bunny.

In that competition, I achieved good results and made me understand: doing anything is not easy to succeed. We should work hard to be the protagonist in life, bravely face, try, give ourselves a Ordinary heart, encourage yourself more, give yourself more confidence, so that we will realize the hardships of dream-seeking, the joy of success…

[Part 2: Life needs obsession]

In life, a handful of healthy calligraphy, a beautiful music, and a wonderful picture can often be intoxicating. And a good book that is very exciting, but always makes me feel like a drunk, endless aftertaste.

One time, a book called “Wolf King Dream” was popular in the class. It happened that I had no time to read the book during this time. As soon as I heard the news, I rushed to the classmates and borrowed a book, “Wolf King Dream.” Sure enough, I only watched a few pages, and I was immediately attracted to its wonderful plot.

After school, I even watched sleepless nights, and my eyes never left the book. Throughout the night, I was immersed in the ocean of books and could not extricate myself. “Wolf King Dream” brought me into a tragic and beautiful fairy tale world, let me grieve and joy together with the animals in the book. Suddenly, “咚咚咚”, my mother came in and shocked me the bookworm that was swimming in the sea of ​​books. “Daughter, it’s eight o’clock, it’s time to go to sleep.” I muttered vaguely: “It’s only eight o’clock, wait a minute.” In an blink of an eye, another hour passed, and Dad brought a glass of milk. At this point, I was seeing a wonderful place, and my heart was pounding. I thought that my father gave me the fruit, and subconsciously put my hand into the cup, and it was full of milk. It was really embarrassing! Dad saw it and couldn’t help but laugh.

The obsession with good things has raised a sail for the ship of life, leading us to the ideal side of our lives. No matter how life changes, it is still beautiful and still fascinating. Life needs to be obsessed!

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