Everyone knows that exercise is good for the body, but how? When do you do it? As long as you are a person with a heart, you will find that many simple exercises can be done easily in life.

First of all, after getting up in the morning, stretch hard. After the eyes have just opened, don’t get up first, because the body is still warm, then it is best to do stretching exercises; kicking the legs and doing the pedaling is also quite good; lying down and going up the waist The lifting action can also make the waist stronger. After getting up, bend your waist, do the pressing down, then get up again and repeat it several times; you can also do some simple gymnastics exercises with empty hands, and it will have a very good effect. Although this exercise takes only a few minutes, it has the effect of strengthening the abdominal and lumbar muscles, and it is also very helpful for the gastrointestinal motility, which can promote digestive function.

When you are sitting in the classroom, you can move as long as you have time. If you are sitting in a chair, let your feet off the ground, lift them up slowly, and lift them up, then put them down. Repeat this several times to relieve fatigue and release stress. You can also grab both sides of the back of the chair with both hands, and then swing the body to the left and right, which can quickly relieve the fatigue of the waist. In your spare time, you can stretch your hands as if you are stretching, push up, then stop, put it on your chest, swing left and right, and do some simple stretching exercises.

When you take the bus or subway, the car starts to move. As long as we don’t sit, it is actually moving. When the car is shaking, let the body maintain balance, in fact, it is the exercise of exercising the balance of the body; the action of lifting the lower heel and then lowering it can also be done; if carrying the bag, use both hands to lift the bag and then put it down, this is also repeated A type of exercise that trains the arm. But if there are a lot of people in the car, be careful not to interfere with others.

Do not take the elevator and climb the stairs. In the American professional golf game, the quite eye-catching Korean player Park Sung-ri uses the stairs to enhance the strength of the feet! Therefore, to exercise foot muscles and physical endurance, there is no better exercise than climbing stairs. Also, when climbing the stairs, climb at a slightly faster speed than usual, or climb the two steps at a time, which is also a good exercise for the heart and lungs.

For a sport like this, it is important to pick the right time and place. Also, don’t exercise without restrictions, as long as you choose the right exercise according to your physique, do it for 30 minutes to an hour. In addition, exercise is not always good for the body, it can become your “tonic”, but it may also become a “poison.” If you exercise blindly without restraint, you may even lose your life. So before you exercise, be sure to determine your own health, then choose the exercise that suits you, and then start exercising after you have determined it to get the best results.

In the process of exercising, if you feel dizzy, nausea or headache, you must go to the hospital to ask a doctor for treatment.

People often say: “Be sure to sweat to be considered sports.” In fact, this is the wrong idea. Excessive exercise is more harmful to our body than under-exercise, so we need to exercise in a timely and appropriate amount.

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