My mother is a natural shopaholic. When I am free, I often go shopping, squatting in front of the counters of major shopping malls, every time I drag my tired legs home. Despite this, her enthusiasm for shopping has never diminished. One night, I told my mother mysteriously: “It’s easy and stylish to go shopping online. It’s cheaper.” “Online shopping?” Mom’s mouth is like an “O”. After some “explanation”, my mother couldn’t help but try to make a “new new human”.

My mother opened the website according to what I said, and the colorful pictures reflected in my mother’s eyes: shoes, hats, costumes, novelty gadgets… In a short while, my mother was dizzy. She licked her head and awake, which confirmed the ultimate goal – gift.

Just recently, a colleague had to celebrate her birthday, and her mother mailed her things directly to her house, which made her ecstatic! Just do it, my mother carefully picks it up.

After some searching, my mother’s eyes lit up—weird called chicken! Haha, it’s really “to break through the iron shoes, it’s not a waste of time!” Mom is pleased to open the webpage to view the details.

It turns out that the geek is not an ordinary vocal toy, but a toy that can make a scream. It is funny in appearance, and it makes people feel uncomfortable at first glance.

When I look at the price, my mother will be moved, two yuan! And the seller bears the freight! Mom was ecstatic, but turned to think: “Which sky will fall free pie?” In order to ensure that he does not suffer, my mother checked the evaluation of this product. “Wow, 50 people bought things, and 46 people gave praise! And the seller’s reputation actually has two diamonds!” So ​​a mother’s heart finally fell to the ground and wanted to buy goods.

My mother entered Dad’s online banking password and bank card password. When the computer showed “successful payment”, my mother was squatting and asked me: “Is online shopping so simple?” “Yes, It’s that simple, it’s not difficult, the meeting is not difficult, everything is the same.” I replied proudly.

After my mother’s online shopping success, I thought a lot, the technology is really developed, and the network is really amazing. The Internet has actually entered our lives, reading, chatting, gaming, shopping, and always in close contact with us. All of this, when my father and mother were young, I didn’t even think about it. I don’t know what the future will develop in the future. What the future world will look like, but in any case, our current primary school students must work hard to learn knowledge and talents. Adapt to the development of society and adapt to the needs of the motherland.

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