Mr. Emerson said: “Health is the first wealth of life.” If we have a healthy body, we have the possibility to play for the ideals of life! The reason why Mr. Emerson said this is because if his body is not healthy, it is difficult to achieve anything. The reason why health is valuable is that you can’t switch to a healthy body with more wealth. Therefore, we must know how to maintain a body in order to have a healthy body.

The method of “health” is very simple. We only need to go to bed early and get up early every day; normal diet, no fried food, proper regular exercise, etc., can make us have a healthy body. And getting up early and getting up early can also make your body function properly, and you can breathe fresh air in the morning. As long as we regularly quantify three meals a day, control appetite, do not eat junk food, and continue to exercise, then, when you are 100 years old, you can still be healthy, strong and strong, and it is not “dream”, it is achievable. dream. As Mr. Hu Shi said: “How to harvest, plant it first.”

Modern people think that being thin is beautiful and healthy. In fact, it is not entirely true, like the supermodel Ji Saier, it has been thin and sick. Therefore, we must not hurt our body because of beauty, otherwise, regret is too late. Because of malnutrition and reduced immunity, pathogens will grow and the disease will follow. Some people are easy to fat, so sucking in the air, drinking and drinking will be fat, it is easy to become the object of being teased and desperately lose weight, harming health, and finally even valuable life is lost. Therefore, we must also have a morality, don’t just laugh at others, lest others want to lose weight quickly, but lose health.

If a person keeps a lot of books, but the knowledge is also very rich, but the body is very unhealthy, and often need to take time off to see a doctor or hospitalization, then there is no more and more knowledge is useless. Disability is not equal to being unhealthy. Like a martial artichoke without hands and feet, as long as he is in a wheelchair, he can go to the TV station to go to work or even travel abroad. He is a vigorous and energetic “healthy person”; to Mr. Xie Kunshan Because of the accident, he suffered a lot of damage, but he bravely accepted the defects of his body, let himself go through the cross, and became a very healthy person with body, mind and spirit. Draw his own by “mouth” The world also encourages others through the opportunity of speech. He is also a “healthy person.” I think that health is not only the health of the body. It also needs to be mentally healthy to be a true “healthy person.”

“The earth is sick!” This is a problem that every country in the world is worried about. The earth is already unhealthy, so the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic will gradually melt. And this is all caused by humans, because we blow too much air and use too much petrochemical material… so the earth will slowly “fever”, so how to make the earth healthier is everyone The responsibility is gone. How to make our physical and mental health depend on our daily life and health care measures. Health is the foundation of all of us. If we lose our health, life is dull. Therefore, everyone must protect their own bodies and maintain an optimistic attitude so that we can pursue our dreams and achieve our own wishes. With health, life will be multicolored, and you must not wait until you lose your health before you regret it. Only health is our greatest wealth, and only health can make us free to study, work, etc., and complete this rich journey of our own life.

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